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SEXED KID ROCK x Elliots Regency Corrina EX-93

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Five #1 SEXED KID ROCK x Elliotts Regency Corrina EX-93. Get ready to make BIG TIME show calves with this exciting offering from the full sister to the popular 14JE725 CASINO! This family is no stranger to high level shows. Corrina was nominated ABA All-American 4 year old in 2019 after a 4th place finish at World Dairy Expo! KID ROCK, one of the hottest Jersey bulls available, semen is not available in Europe, but these embryos can be exported! Don't miss your opportunity to make winners that are backed by the legend Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus EX-97, a 2x National Grand Champion! 

United States of America
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World Wide Export Available
Sire: MR KATHIES SEXED KID ROCK +14.2 JUI +1.30 PTAT [more info]


  • Elliotts Regency Corrina EX-93-USA
  • Dam: Chilli Premier Cinema EX-93-USA
  • Dam: Chilli Premier Cinema EX-93-USA @ World Dairy Expo 2015
  • Dam: Chilli Premier Cinema EX-93-USA @ World Dairy Expo 2015
  • Maternal sister: Elliotts Torpedo Cyclone EX-90-USA
  • Maternal sister: Elliotts Vitality Cisco EX-92-USA
  • Full brother: Elliotts Regency CASINO @ Select Sires
  • 3rd Dam: Family Hill Connection Chilli EX-91-USA

Reg No.



August 8, 2015

Production Records

  • 2-02 2x 305d 16,279lbM 4.4% 717F 3.6% 580P
  • 3-09 2x 305d 21,339lbM 5.6% 1,202F 3.5% 739P
  • 4-09 2x 365d 30,869lbM 4.6% 1,418F 3.4% 1,045P




  • Nominated ABA All-American 4-Yr Old 2019 | Full sister to CASINO @ Select Sires
  • 4th 4-Yr Old Jersey Show World Dairy Expo 2019
  • 2nd Junior 3-Yr Old New York Spring Jersey Show 2019
  • Maternal sister to: Elliotts Vitality Cisco EX-92-USA - 2nd Milking Yearling WDE 2018
  • Maternal sister to: Elliotts Fizz Charade EX-91-USA - H.M. Int. Champ. Western National '20
  • Direct from 4 gen. EX-dams going back to Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus EX-97 - 2x National Champ.


  • TJF Visionary REGENCY
  • Chilli Premier Cinema EX-93-USA
  • 2-11 2x 305d 21,669lbM 5.4% 1,179F 3.8% 820P
  • 4-01 2x 305d 21,171lbM 5.6% 1,186F 3.9% 825P
  • ABA All-American Produce of Dam 2018, ABA All-American Junior 3-Yr Old 2015
  • 1st Jr. 3-Yr Old, Reserve Intermediate & H.M. Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2015
  • First nine classified daughters scored VG-85 to EX-92 in the United States
  • Maternal sister to: Chilli Nitro Cabo EX-93-USA - Res. Int. Champ. All-American Show '17
  • Hawarden Impuls PREMIER
  • Family Hill Connection Chilli EX-91-USA
  • 3-04 2x 365d 27,470lbM 6.2% 1,722F 4.0% 1,038P
  • Nom. ABA All-American Senior 2-Yr Old 2007
  • Dam to: Chilli Action COLTON @ Select Sires
  • Giprat Belle's CONNECTION
  • Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus EX-97-USA - 2x National Grand Champion

Next Dams

  • 4th Family Hill Brook Citrus EX-91-USA