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SEXED HOLYSMOKES x Thurler Cmfort Legc Domino

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4 embryos.
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Four #1 SEXED HOLYSMOKES (+3087 GTPI, +1004NM$, +1.96UDC) x Thurler Cmfort Legc Domino (A2A2, +2854GTPI, + 916NM$). A big opportunity to add a HOT family to your program. Domino goes back to Islehavne Gold Dancer Red VG-88! Parent Average of +2971GTPI +960 NM$ and the last five generations have tested an average of 152 pts OVER PA!! Don't miss your chance to make your own high interest females!

Note: Embryos made with Semex FastStart semen, buyer will have to sign the FastStart agreement before embryos can ship.

United States of America
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Sire: COOKIECUTTER SEXED HOLYSMOKES +3087 GTPI +1004 NM$, +1.96 UDC [more info]
Dam: Thurler Cmfort Legc Domino

Thurler Cmfort Legc Domino (A2A2)

(Legacy x Tarrino x Rubicon)

+2854 GTPI Legacy dtr from the Gold Dancer family

  • Stoneden Snowman Red Desire VG-86-USA
  • Islehaven Gold Dancer VG-88-USA
  • Ms Hartford Jbr Dior-Red
  • Same family: M.E.Dal Long P Dandy P EX-92-LUX - Int. Champion European Show '19
  • Same family: M.E.Dal Long P Dandy P EX-92-LUX - Int. Champion European Show '19

Reg No.



August 23, 2020

Genomic Results

  • US 04/24 GTPI +2758 / NM $ 834 / PTAT +0.41 [Details]
  • CA 04/22 GPA-LPI +3401


  • +2854 GTPI / +918 NM$ > Create the next chart toppper! (4/22)
  • Elite health traits: 1.9% SCE / +5.4 PL / +0.9 DPR / -0.13 Stature (4/22)
  • Backed by 5 generations that continuously preform above their PA (per generation +158 GTPI)
  • Beta Casein A2A2
  • Domino (A2A2) comes from the exceptional transmitting Gold Dancer family
  • Same family as: M.E.Dal Long P Dandy P EX-92-LUX - Int. Champion European Show '19


  • Comfort Thrlr Trrno Penny
  • Former top 10 Tarrino Daughter in the Breed (04/2021)
  • Within the Top 10 she ranks #1 for FLC and #2 for NM$ (04/2021)
  • Comfort Thrlr Rubicon Pam
  • 2-00 250d 23,012lbM 5.6% 1,287F 3.2% 732P
  • MS Hartford JBR Dior-Red 3*(0/16)
  • 3 Star Brood Production Award Winner
  • Former #1 GTPI Variant Red Heifer in the Breed

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