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#2 — IVF SEXED ALTAROBERT x Peak Poppy 60830

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Selling are five #2 grade IVF SEXED ALTAROBERT (GTPI+2883 +1003NM$) embryos out of a Blowtorch daughter that scores a GTPI+2781 and +935NM$... High INDEX cow family backed by a former high Mogul daughter to Osmond Porsha! Embryos PA at +2832G / +969NM$! 

United States of America
Can be shipped to
Eligible for U.S. shipment and export to Canada and the EU
Sire: Schoene-Kuh SEXED Altarobert GTPI+2883 +1003NM$ [more info]
Dam: PEAK POPPY 60830 GTPI+2781 +935NM$

PEAK Poppy 60830

(Blowtorch x Brodie x Mogul)

World Class gTPI: +2763 gTPI!

  • Woodcrest Mogul Pretty VG-86-USA DOM
  • Woodcrst Osmond Posha VG-86-USA

Reg No.



May 19, 2017

Genomic Results


  • +2763 gTPI / +925 NM$ Blowtorch daughter! (12/18)
  • Well-balanced genomic INDEX
  • Backed by very-good and excellent cows
  • 8 generations VG or EX-dams in her pedigree!
  • Tracing back to Wilsondale Storm Prism EX-93-USA


  • Syryczuk Silvr Blowtorch
  • Lakeview-Mack Penelope GP-83-USA
  • Dam to Peak Pearl: +2839 gTPI Duke dtr (12/18)
  • Several daughters >2700 gTPI (12/18)
  • Bryceholm BRODIE
  • Woodcrest Mogul Pretty VG-86-USA DOM
  • High GTPI Mogul from one of the highest Osmond daughters in the Breed
  • Several Excellent Cows in the Pedigree
  • Well-Balanced Genomic Index
  • Mountfield SSI DCY MOGUL-ET
  • Woodcrest Osmond Porsha VG-86-2YR VG-MS
  • 2-00 3x 365d 29,769lbM 4.0% 1,190F 3.5% 1,052P

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