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SEXED ALTAZAZZLE x Thurler Pursuit 4360

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3 embryos.
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Three #1 grade SEXED ALTAZAZZLE (+3012GTPI +894NM$ +1074MILK) embryos from the same family that produced 29HO18225 BURLEY. Pursuit 4360 combines +2857 GTPI, +1646 MILK, nearly +130 lbs of combined Fat and Protein, and +1.17 UDC.

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Eligible for Canadian shipment and export to the U.S.
Sire: Peak SEXED ALTAZAZZLE +3012GTPI +894NM$ +1074MILK [more info]
Dam: THURLER PURSUIT 4360 +2857GTPI +720NM +1646MILK

Thurler Pursuit 4360

(Pursuit x Frazzled x Draco)

From the Ramos Alexia EX-91 cow family

  • Pine-Tree 6809 Fraz 7605-ET
  • Pine-Tree Ramos Alexia EX-91-USA
  • Pine-Tree Ramos Alexia EX-91-USA

Reg No.



January 8, 2020

Genomic Results

  • US 08/22 GTPI +2808 / NM $ 922 / PTAT +0.66 [Details]


  • DONOR DAM and A2A2!
  • Backed by the same family that produced 29HO18225 BURLEY
  • The #2 GTPI dtr of Pine-Tree 6809 Fraz 7605
  • Amazing index with no holes: +2808 GTPI with +922NM$ and +1538kgM! (08/22)
  • She is from the same family as the bull BURLEY!!
  • She is from the same family as Pine-Tree Ramos Alexia EX-91-USA


  • Pine-Tree 6809 Fraz 7605-ET
  • Sold for $85,000 in Sale of Stars 2017
  • Former #1 RZG Frazzled daughter, sold embryos to Germany, UK and Japan
  • Pine-Tree 5959 Draco 6809 VG-85-USA VG-86-MS
  • 3-06 3x 365d 48,550lbM 3.5% 1,687F 2.9% 1,415P
  • Mr Delicious Coin Draco 15006
  • Pine-Tree 5133 Shaw 5959 VG-85-USA
  • 1-09 3x 365d 31,590lbM 4.0% 1,252F 3.1% 966P

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