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#16 — SEXED UNIX x Stunning-M Solomon Ellie

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Four #1 grade SEXED UNIX (+3.20PTAT +3.29UDC +1003MILK) embryos from and extremely fancy Solomon daughter that scores a +3.32 PTAT. Direct from EX-94 95-MS Atwood Eware, Ellie is just fresh, looks great, and has the potential to score VG-86/87 this lactation!

United States of America
Can be shipped to
Worldwide Export Available
Sire: Croteau Lesperron SEXED UNIX +3.20PTAT +3.29UDC +1003MILK [more info]


  • Budjon-JK Atwd Eware EX-94 95-MS
  • Budjon-JK Atwd Eware EX-94 95-MS
  • Budjon-JK Emilys Edair EX-95 2E
  • Budjon-JK Storm Emily EX-92 2E DOM

Reg No.



June 11, 2017

Genomic Results

  • US 12/19 GTPI +1817 / NM $ -53 / PTAT +3.28 [Details]


  • Extreme type offering!
  • From once FANCY Solomon heifer!
  • Dam was All-Wisconsin Sr. 2-Year-Old 2015


  • Walnutlawn SOLOMON
  • Budjon-JK Atwd Eware EX-94 95-MS
  • 2-02 2x 352d 27,970lbM 3.9% 1,089F 3.3% 930P
  • 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Mideast Fall National 2015
  • Reserve Intermediate Champion, Mideast Fall National 2015
  • All-Wisconsin Senior 2-Year-Old 2015
  • Maple-Downs I GW ATWOOD
  • Budjon-JK Emilys Edair EX-95-USA 2E
  • 2-02 2x 305d 23,340lbM 3.5% 818F 3.3% 765P
  • 3-03 2x 305d 25,770lbM 3.6% 915F 3.3% 860P
  • 4-03 2x 35d 33,140lbM 3.2% 1,060F 3.2% 1,076P
  • Nominated All-American 4yr. Old 2011
  • Reserve All-American Junior 3yr. Old 2010
  • 2nd Junior 3yr. Old Cow World Dairy Expo 2010
  • 4th 4yr. Old Cow World Dairy Expo 2011
  • Regancrest Dundee-ET
  • Budjon-JK Storm Emily-ET EX-92-USA 2E DOM
  • 2-04 2x 365d 32,730lbM 3.7% 1,197F 3.3% 1,071P
  • 4-08 2x 365d 41,090lbM 3.7% 1,515F 3.2% 1,329P
  • Reserve All-American Sr 2-Yr-Old 2005
  • Int Champ, Midwest Spring Nat’l 2005

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