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#1 — IVF SEXED PINNACLE x Stunning-M Lopez Felice

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High index, huge production and fat components.. Two #1 grade IVF SEXED PINNACLE (GTPI+2888 +1007NM$ ++2227M +2.40PTAT +2.47UDC) embryos selling out of a Lopez daughter that scores a GTPI+2779 +887NM$ +2146 pounds of milk and +112 pounds of fat. Don't miss this tremendous offering! 

United States of America
Can be shipped to
Eligible for U.S. shipment and export to Canada and the EU
Sire: S-S-I MODESTY SEXED PINNACLE GTPI+2888 +1007NM$ ++2227M +2.40PTAT +2.47UDC [more info]
Dam: STUNNING-M LOPEZ FELICE GTPI+2779 +887M$ +2146M +112F

Stunning-M Lopez Felice

(Lopez x Denver 1426 x Tango)

+2685 gTPI Lopez daughter! (12/18)

  • Endco Denver Flor 23168
  • OCD Man-O-Man Fantom-ET EX-90-USA 3yr.
  • OCD Mogul Fuzzy Navel VG-88-USA DOM

Reg No.



May 27, 2017

Genomic Results

  • US 12/18 GTPI +2685 / NM $ 843 / PTAT +2.18 [Details]


  • Almost 2700 gTPI in combination with +2.18 PTAT (12/18)
  • *Set up for IVF on February 19th ~ buyer would be responsible for costs
  • Already made 60 oocytes in her first to aspirations!
  • First embryos already sold for $1,025 per embryo!
  • Different sire stack: Lopez x Denver 1426 x Tango
  • Grand dam is dam to Endco Fanclub @ Semex
  • Family tracing back to Markwell Bstar E Raven EX-95-USA GMD DOM


  • Oakfield Rubicon Lopez
  • Endco Denver Flor 23168
  • Due in February
  • Exciting Denver daughter with tremendous production figures!
  • Mr Mogul Denver 1426
  • OCD Tango Florrie GP-83-USA 2yr.
  • Dam of 200HO10719 Endco Fanclub @ Semex
  • Mr Welcome Hill TANGO-ET
  • OCD Man-O-Man Fantom EX-90-USA 3yr. DOM
  • 1-10 3x 305d 24,291lbM 4.2% 1,012F 3.3% 805P
  • 2-10 2x 296d 24,531lbM 4.1% 999F 3.1% 776P

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