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#4 — IVF BOURBON (RSM) x Endco Denver Charmed

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Tremendous offering.. Five IVF BOURBON reverse sorted male (GTPI+2771 +2358M) selling out of a Denver daughter that scores a GTPI+2777 and +1910lbs of milk. Goes back to the Cosmopolitans! 

United States of America
Can be shipped to
Eligible for U.S. shipment and export to Canada and the EU
Sire: Wa-Del Abs BOURBON GTPI+2771 +2358M [more info]
Dam: Endco Denver Charmed GTPI+2777 +1910M

Endco Denver Charmed-ET

  • Peak Charm VG-85-2YR
  • Larcrest Ms Chanda-ET VG-85-2YR
  • Larcrest Chenoa VG-87 DOM
  • Larcrest Crimson EX-94 96-MS GMD DOM

Reg No.



February 18, 2016

Genomic Results

  • US 04/18 GTPI +2727 / NM $ 877 / PTAT +1.35 [Details]


  • Mr Mogul Denver 1426
  • Peak Charm VG-85-2YR-USA
  • 2.02 132d 12,604lbM 531F 4.2% 3.1% 388P (Inc.)
  • Pine-Tree AltaOAK-ET
  • Larcrest Ms Chanda VG-85-2YR
  • 2-05 2x 305d 22,679lbM 4.1% 926F 3.2% 732P
  • Maternal sister to Vekis Chevrolet and Fanatic
  • Dam to AltaFIREBIRD
  • Granddam to Endco CHARLES-P at Semex
  • Roylane Socra ROBUST
  • Larcrest Chenoa-ETS VG-87-2YR VG-MS DOM
  • 2-04 2x 365d 35,931lbM 4.1% 1,486F 3.2% 1,259P
  • Dam to Vekis Chevrolet and Fanatic
  • Robust daughter sold for $90,000
  • Maternal sister to Larcrest Cale VG-89-USA, granddam to DG CHARLEY
  • Maternal sister is dam to Commander at ABS

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